When a professional person are paid for share knowledge and expertise to help business to achieve goal and solve their problems. This process is called consultancy and professionals working within the consultancy industry are generally called ‘consultant’ or ‘advisor’. Now days consulting is becoming a broader industry which has incorporating roles such as management consultants, recruitment consultants, BPO consultant, ERP testing consultant and business advisors etc.
Companies used the consultant, when a company need expert advice regarding a business decision. In today’s competitive world, you must be able to adapt latest concept of the business quickly, if you want to beat your competitors. Now it is the time to take help business expert to achieve good result for business. Sometime companies have limited time and resources. Then company look forward a consultant.
A consultant responsibilities can depending on the industry in which a consultant is working and based on the specific field of expertise.
A consultant there are can be performed number of task within the organization.

  • Analysing statistics
  • Conducting research, surveys and interviews to identify problems
  • Defining objectives
  • consulting staff
  • Teach and train employees
  • Supplement the existing staff
  • writing reports
  • Determining information system requirements
  • answering feedback

Prime Sys Technologies consulting serves are

  • ERP Testing Consultancy Service
  • Internet Marketing Consultancy Servic
  • BPO Consultancy Service

ERP Testing Consultancy Service

Prime SYS offers testing services that help you deliver highly complex business solutions and technologies with resume quality. When you partner with us, you leverage our in-depth industry experience in test methodologies, automation frameworks, tools and defined processes. Our SQA Certified testing teams will work closely with you from the requirements analysis phase. Prime sys’ Industrialization-focused testing services can ensure that your IT applications expected to actual growing business needs with peak level performance and on click availability. With Industrialization-focused operating procedures and methodology you can detect issues early, leading to a finest market delivery holder and end-user experience, with approachable costs and complexity. Prime sys’ ability to adapt to globalization frequently change of requirement also ensures that you have access to the right teams when you need them.

Prime sys have been working with customers for long journey on how to get complex, service-based architectures to deliver on their intended value.

Complete Industrialization

testing of business process procedure across every galaxy technology layer of the SOA, at both local and global level.


A highly industry experience team in SQA throughout the lifecycle. Define and share glass mark test cases that prove how software applications cover actual business requirements.

Internet Marketing Consultancy Service

Prime Sys technologies offering International Marketing Consulting Services. Our expert team have excellent knowledge of these services and we make sure that we offer the best guidelines and suggestions to the clients to ensure them optimum benefits. Our team expert in, search engine optimization, social media optimization, keyword analysis, search engine marketing.

BPO Consultancy Service

We are providing BPO Consultancy Service to the clients. Prime Sys Technologies helping the client to establish setup under the strict guidance and supervision of our expert. We ensure that we provide very good working area at minimum cost. Prime Sys Technologies target provide genuine product and supplier at lowest price.